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Our mission is to attract and maintain lasting partnerships, providing optimal transportation services and promoting a culture of trust, performance and prosperity.

Logistics is the management (administration) of merchandise flows between the origin point and destination point, in order to satisfy the customers’ or corporations’ requirements. It is occupied along the production and delivery (supply) with the organization, regulation, presentation (making available) and optimization of information traffic processes, financial means, energy, assets and personnel. Logistics means to have the adequate object, at the adequate time” and for 30 years, we have been offering this service extremely efficient and respectfully to each customer.

To reach the higher reliability standards, the tracing of important targets is basic. These targets are:

  • warranty of the continuity of service within the estimated deadlines and budgets
  • securing and effectiveness of the transport networks and facilities
  • environmental impact decrease
  • optimizing resource consumption
  • immediate identification of innovative transport solutions.

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